Behind the Scenes on our Italy trip: all your questions, answered.

behind the scenes gluten free travel italy While on vacation this summer in Italy, I didn’t post to my main feed on any social media platform but I did post to Instagram stories everyday, and had so much fun! I shared where we were going, what we were eating and I was messaging with so many of you! It was a blast to share my vacation! At the end of our trip, I answered all your questions. So today I am sharing highlights from the trip and your questions as seen on IG Stories.

I shared well over 150 Instagram Stories and had countless conversations over direct messaging. Here I’ve picked the highlights as we traveled to Bellagio, Venice, Florence and Milan.  

I hope that by sharing these with you here, you can enjoy the trip along with us!

For more details about Florence, read “Gluten-Free Florence, Italy

For more details on how we find restaurants when traveling, read “Finding Restaurants when Traveling Gluten-Free.”

Have you been to Italy? Where have you been? Do do you have other tips?

And… where else have you been that’s been amazing with gluten-free food? I’m always thinking of our next vacation spot!

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment below and let me know your experience!

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