What we’ll be eating in January…

Cheers to fresh, flavorful and simple food!

If you’re like me, you ate a lot of food over the last few weeks. While there were definitely some sweets involved, it wasn’t so much that it was “bad” food (I personally don’t believe in deprivation or good and bad foods), it was that it was A LOT of food. After a month of holiday get-togethers, cooking and baking, we sat down to the Feast of the Seven Fishes on Christmas Eve, which, as it sounds, includes many courses. Then we woke up the next morning and after our favorite Christmas morning Cranberry Bread, began the task of setting out appetizers: an antipasto course and a lasagna course for 12 of my favorite family members.
When that was done, we ate leftovers for days (in my family, we always seem to cook extra, just in case ten more people show up), then we headed up to Massachusetts to visit my husband’s Italian family (read: more large quantities of delicious food) where we ate and ate and ate for a few more days

So I’m kind of done with food. I feel this way every January first. I’ve been well fed so I don’t crave much and I’ve eaten more than usual, so I’m not particularly hungry.

asian tofu bowl

Why should it matter? Well, I’m a food blogger — so I’m supposed to be showing you what we are eating and hopefully providing some inspiration. More importantly, I’m the mother of two teen boys who do not feel the same way I do — they are ALWAYS hungry! As soon as we finish one meal, they are asking about what else they can eat.

As I head into January, I don’t start any diets or cut out any foods, but I personally will be looking for simple foods, lighter foods, foods that I can prepare quickly and easily, and foods that I may eat as a meal which the rest of my family can eat as a side along with something else.

So I’m thinking we’ll see some soups, some winter salads, some stir fry and some healthy snacks. And I’ll be looking to try some new flavors: Thai, Indian and Asian, because while my youngest son could eat pasta every day, I’ve had my fill of Italian… at least for the next few days!

So cheers to January, cheers to new beginnings, and cheers to fresh, flavorful and simple food!

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