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#glutenfreerecipes www.healthgffamily.comHealthy Gluten-Free Family is a resource for everyone regardless of race, ethnicity, gender or religion. It’s a place where I share simple gluten-freee recipes that everyone can enjoy, and tips about gluten-free living based on our experience raising a child with celiac disease the past 10 years.  And I am incredibly grateful for the community I’ve built here. I’ve paused sharing my own content this past week because there were too many important messages to take in. I felt compelled to honor the black community and quiet my feed to allow their voices to amplify and to fully acknowledge the historic movement and protests in our country right now.


This website has never been, and is not, about me personally. It’s inspired by my son’s celiac disease diagnosis and need to eat gluten-free.  And it was inspired by a strong belief that everyone should be able to enjoy healthy, delicious gluten-free food.

With that, Healthy Gluten-Free Family is obviously an important part of me, but it is not all of me.

I am a mother, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, niece, cousin, friend and human being first.

That is why I paused my content this past week.


I too have been listening, learning and growing.

To be honest, being raised by my mother, a life long activist for under-served communities, I thought I was pretty open-minded to begin with. I whole heartedly believe that everyone has a right to be treated equally, fairly, justly regardless of race, sex, religion or ethnicity.

But I have learned this week that there is so much more. I’ve had my eyes opened more widely to systemic racism and have given more thought to white privilege than ever before.

I’ve started listening to more voices in the Black community and have been so deeply inspired by activists, artists and lifestyle and food bloggers. 

I am not listing them all here because there are so many and I am still learning and exploring, but may share some as I follow them longer…

And there are so many amazing websites, bloggers, books sharing so many resources about how you can learn more, donate, be an ally…  again, I’m not going to share all them them here except one which I found very comprehensive.

Linking to one website, good good good, with lots of anti-racism resources – books, films, articless and podcasts which I found helpful if it’s of interest to you.


Going forward

I’ve been listening, learning and talking with family and friends, like so many of you. And I will continue doing the work of learning and supporting the best I can, as we move forward. 

I feel a particular responsibility raising two teen boys to make sure they truly understand white privilege and racism, and they do their part in making the world a better, more just place for everyone.



Healthcare, Food and Racism

As I move forward with sharing gluten-free food, I am thinking deeply about how to I can make my page more inclusive and accessible.

Celiac disease and the need to follow a gluten-free diet does not discriminate.

Anyone, of any sex, race, religion or ethnicity, can be diagnosed with celiac disease or have another health reason that is benefited by a gluten-free diet.

A celiac diagnosis is notoriously challenging to begin with and may be even more challenging based race and access to healthcare… I’m still learning.

Further, I have always been very cognizant of how expensive it is to follow a strict gluten-free diet and how difficult that can be.  And that has made me acutely aware of issues related to food deserts and food insecurity.

Food deserts are real. Food insecurity is real… and they are often race related.

So as I continue to learn and think about what we as a family can do to be better allies in the Black Lives Matter movement, I am also thinking about ways I can make Healthy Gluten-Free Family more accessible, inclusive, educational and supportive.


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