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Welcome to our new series “What We Bought On Amazon”! We are constantly asked for brand suggestions and favorites, and while we have blog posts detailing Our Favorite Gluten-Free Pastas, Our Favorite Gluten-Free Breads and Our Favorite Gluten-Free Flour, we wanted to create a space that gave you an inside look at what we are currently loving and purchasing, with easy links in case you want them too.  Each month we will add to this post with last month’s purchases, so keep scrolling to see prior months.

What We Bought On Amazon Overview

We are constantly asked about brands and products we love and what kitchen appliances and gadgets we use, and while we have nearly all of them linked in our Shop Section, this new series will highlight the favorite products we bought from Amazon last month.

All the products listed are ones we thoroughly enjoy and use regularly. 

Each month we will add to this post with last month’s purchases, so keep scrolling to see prior months.

Disclosure: the Amazon links on the shop page and here are affiliate links, which means that we get a small percentage from the purchase but it doesn’t change your purchase price at all.

What We Bought On Amazon in August

  • Cuisinart Food Processor Mini – This little food processor can do it all, and is the perfect size to leave your counter for easy accessibility. We use it for everything and my son loves using it to make our homemade pesto.
  • Crepini Organic Egg Wraps – These 8 calorie wraps are perfect for making the most delicious tacos. My oldest “discovered” these wraps this summer and literally made tacos with them allll the time!
  • Repurpose Compostable Straws – These eco friendly straws are perfect for all those who struggle with paper straws but want to be environmentally friendly.
  • GFJules Flour – This is probably the most used, most important, and most often purchased gluten-free staple in our pantry. A great gluten-free flour makes all the difference in gluten-free baking, and this is our go to gluten-free flour. It works perfectly as a one to one substitute in family recipes we love, and it works beautifully in new recipes – no one ever believes our cookies, muffins or cakes are gluten-free! This link is an affiliate link with GFJules, not Amazon. Bonus: Use discount code HGFFWelcome for 15% of your purchase of $20 or more on www.gfjules.com.
  • Sanji Gluten-FreeTamari Soy Sauce – A staple in our pantry, this is our favorite gluten-free soy sauce for marinades and sushi alike.
  • YETI Water Bottle – Making it easy to stay hydrated! We are a YETI family through and through, my son loves this bottle— he bring it with him everywhere. 
  • Lundberg Organic White Rice –  This rice is so easy to prepare and perfect with a multitude of dishes. We always have it on hand for our weekly stir fry.
  • Packit Freezer Lunch Bag – We have several PackIts in our freezer at all times! They are compact in the freezer and are perfect for keeping your lunch fresh and cool, whether you’re going to school, work or day-tripping.
  • Primal Kitchen Vanilla Collagen Powder – Step up your smoothie game with this tasty collagen powder. Or mix it in with our easy frozen yogurt bark.
  • Pastry Cutter – This baking basic is a must have for gluten-free baking! It is perfect for combining ingredients and making them finer so that the texture of muffins, cookies, and cakes is soft and perfect. 
  • Banza Margherita Pizza Crust –  Step up pizza night with this high fiber, high protein chickpea pizza crust. Enjoy as is or add your favorite toppings!
  • Eden Mirin – We love to make Asian-inspired dishes, and we keep this in stock so we can make Vegetable Lo Mein Noodles and teriyaki sauce on repeat!
  • Ancient Harvest Traditional Quinoa – This is another pantry essential. We love quinoa and make sure when we finish one bag, another is waiting right there to be opened.

What We Bought On Amazon in July

What We Bought On Amazon in June

This month we purchased everything from a taco rack (our favorite purchase of the month!) and grilling gadgets to gluten-free honeygrams (a summertime necessity) and a portable charger (a nice to have for summer traveling).

  • Baked Taco Rack This handy kitchen gadget turns any tortilla into a crispy taco shell perfect for all your veggies and meats.
  • Barilla Gluten-Free Pasta (Penne) We love pasta, and this is by far one of our favorite gluten-free pasta on the market.
  • Power Bank Portable Charger Keep your phone charged this summer— from the beach to the mountains this portable charger is a must-have gadget.
  • Barney Butter Who doesn’t love almond butter? This versatile spread is a pantry staple in our family, and used for everything from energy bites to smoothies. 
  • Mosh Blueberry Bars Newly added into our protein bar rotation, these blueberry bars are essential for any summer trip.
  • Grill Pan Turn any stove into a grill with this must-have kitchen appliance. 
  • Schar Honeygrams Nothing says summer like s’mores and these graham crackers do not disappoint. 
  • Metal Skewers These easy to use, reusable skewers are perfect for grilling  all types of meats and veggies.
  • Meyers Dish Soap Lemon Verbena scent is our favorite dish soap on the market as it can clean even the dirtiest dishes.
  • Dish Brush Get scrubbing with this handy brush that makes dinner clean up that much easier.
  • Honey Nut Chex Honey Nut Chex cereal is one of my son’s favorites to take on the go or for a late night snack, so we always have boxes and boxes on hand.
  • Cheesecloths Take any sauce to the next level by filling these cheese cloths with spices and herbs.
  • Aleia’s Italian Bread Crumbs Make breaded chicken and zucchini fries so tasty the local restaurants will ask you where you got your breadcrumbs. We always have several containers of these on hand!

What We Bought On Amazon in May

This month we have a vast range of items from our favorite protein bars to gardening gloves to an air fryer….

  • ALOHA Organic Plant-Based Protein Bars Newly added to our pantry in the past few months, these Peanut Butter Cup Bars are high in protein and fiber, making them a great snack on the go.
  • Bobbex Deer Repellent We love our garden and have been growing fresh greens for years… this repellent helps keep unwanted furry friends from their midnight snack.
  • Deep River Sea Salt Chips We love our kettle-cooked chips and these small personal-size bags are perfect for early summer adventures.
  • Cosori Air Fryer This easy-to-use kitchen appliance is perfect for college students (hence our reason for purchasing) as it is small and prepares delicious food in minutes.
  • iCloth Screen Cleaning Wipes Nothing is worse than a dirty phone screen and these wipes make your phone look brand new while getting rid of any germs.
  • Elemental Bars, Our house can’t get enough of these Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars. These have been a mainstay in the fridge for many years now.
  •  Authentic Foods Pancake Mix Weekends are better with pancakes and this pancake mix makes the quintessential pancake… we were first introduced to the mix while on vacation years ago and have been purchasing it ever since.
  • Pomi Strained Tomatoes We make lots of tomato sauce and Pomi Strained Tomatoes are often a main ingredient, so these are recurring purchase for us.
  • Progresso Gluten-Free Fat-Free Chicken Broth is our go to chicken broth for soups and another recurring purchase.
  • Reynolds Kitchens Cookie Baking Sheets This pre-cut, perfectly sized parchment paper makes baking easier than ever.
  •  Wells Lamont Mens Work Gloves Summer is here and that means gardening! My husband is enjoying his new gardening gloves as we plant and tend our yard.
  •  Copper Grill mat Turn any grill into a celiac-safe space this summer with one of the most useful products we have ever bought.
  • PackIt Freezable Lunch Bag Keep your lunch and snacks cold this summer with our these insulated freezer lunch bags!


Leave a comment below and let us know how you are enjoying this new series.  We love to hear from you!

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