Quattro Pazzi Cafe


Classic Italian and seasonal dishes, some gluten-free labeled menu items; casual

Quattro Pazzi Cafe is one of my son’s favorite places to dine out locally. By now you know he loves a good pasta dish, but he also loves this restaurant because they make a super yummy gluten-free pasta fagioli soup. We have been dining at Quattro Pazzi and they have been preparing my son gluten-free food since way before it was popular to do so.

We love that they know us and have protocols in place to prepare gluten-free food. Dishes we’ve tried include: gluten-free rigatoni with vodka sauce (with vegetables, with chicken and plain), the gluten-free pasta fagioil soup, gluten-free cavatelli with marinara sauce, a variety of salads, and the chicken sofia lauren (spinach, fontina cheese & white wine).

Restaurant website: Quattro Pazzi


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