Il Posto Trattoria


Italian cuisine; no gluten-free menu but gluten-free pasta & other items can be prepared; casual

We were worried about our son being able to find gluten-free food at the wedding we were traveling to, so my husband brought him to Il Posto Trattoria beforehand to get his fill of his favorite food: pasta!

Il Posto Trattoria is a neighborhood restaurant in Napa we located with the Find Me Gluten-free app. It’s very casual and cozy. They were very accommodating and aware of celiac and issues of cross-contamination. My son ordered a Pasta with Marinara Sauce (and apparently lots of cheese)!

As an aside, we were grateful to find that the wedding caterers provided our son with a gluten-free meal prepared especially for him, which also tested gluten-free with our new Nima sensor!

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