Pueo’s Osteria


Italian cuisine, casual; Most items on regular menu can be made gluten-free

Pueo’s Osteria in Waikoloa was another place we ate at more than once because my son likes pasta, and because it was easy and delicious. They don’t advertise that they offer gluten-free food but nearly everything on their menu can be made gluten-free, including pizza and pasta. It was recommended by the Find Me Gluten-Free app, as well as our hotel concierge.

They don’t print a specific gluten-free menu, but nearly everything on the menu can be made gluten-free. Our reservation noted that we had a person with celiac and needed to dine gluten-free. It was very busy but our server immediately asked who needed to eat gluten-free, and took time to discuss the menu.

All the gluten-free dishes are prepared separately, with efforts made to avoid cross-contamination. Dishes we tried: pasta alla norma, pasta with marinara, margarita pizza.

Restaurant website: Pueo’s Osteria

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