Chickpea "Tuna" Salad
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Smashed chickpeas, lots of veggies and simple seasoning make this gluten-free and plant-based salad a win! Whether you're adding a big scoop to greens or using it as a sandwich filing, it's easy, nourishing, satisfying and delicious! Perfect as part of a packed lunch because it stays fresh!
Recipe type: Lunch, Dinner, Veggies
Cuisine: Gluten-Free, Vegan, Nut-Free
Serves: 2-3 servings
Chickpea Tuna Salad
  • 1 15 oz can chickpeas, drained and well rinsed
  • ¼ - ⅓ cup red onion, diced (start with ¼ cup add more to taste)
  • ¼ - ⅓ cup celery, diced (start with ¼ cup and add more to taste)
  • ¼ cup carrot, diced
  • 2-3 tablespoons fresh dill, chopped
  • 1 heaping tablespoon Vegan Mayo (or regular mayo)
  • 1 heaping teaspoon Dijon mustard
  • 2-3 tablespoons lemon juice (start with 2 tablespoons, add more to taste)
  • salt and pepper to taste
To complete a lunchbox:
Chickpea Tuna Salad
  1. Place all the ingredients in a large bowl and mash gently with a fork until most the chickpeas are crushed. Taste, adjust seasoning and enjoy!
  2. Tastes great on a salad, in a sandwich or in a wrap.
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