Big Green Chopped Salad

A simple green salad that works equally well on a weekday or for dinner with friends

Big Green Chopped Salad

Nourishing & Delicious

Craving all the greens! After spending the day in the city with my son (i.e. eating our way through the city), I came home craving just a Big Green Chopped Salad.

Recipe adapted from Autoimmune Wellness, this salad is packed with goodness – watercress, cilantro, microgreens, broccoli, beets (I used Love Beets) and avocado, all tossed in a simple dressing of EVOO, fresh lemon juice and garlic.

It really is the perfect green salad — fresh, light and delicious — and it works equally well on with a weekday dinner or dinner with friends.

Scroll down to see the recipe.


This recipe was adapted from Mickey Prescott. I used Love Beets and made the dressing without anchovies.


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