Big Green Chopped Salad

Craving all the Greens? This big salad will satisfy!

big green chopped salad
Big Green Chopped Salad

Craving all the Greens

Craving all the greens! After a weekend away, I often want nothing more than this Big Green Chopped Salad.

It’s packed with goodness – watercress, cilantro, microgreens, broccoli, beets (I used Love Beets) and avocado. All are mixed in a simple dressing of EVOO, fresh lemon juice and garlic.

We often make it for a dinner with friends. It really is the perfect green salad and is definitely a go-to recipe of mine. Packed with goodness, takes only minutes to assemble and tastes so fresh, light and delish!

Scroll down to see the recipe.


This recipe was adapted from Mickey Trescott.


big green chopped salad

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