Gluten-Free Pecan Bars

A short-bread like cookie base + the YUMMIEST pecan filling makes for an out of this world gluten-free treat! Perfect anytime but especially around the holidays. Plus they are dairy-free optional, corn syrup-free and super EASY to make!

gluten free pecan bars #glutenfree #glutenfreerecipees
Gluten-Free Pecan Bars

Perfecly balanced, drool worthy and a total crowd pleaser!

Fall 2020: Just made our first batch of the season and these are too good! A personal favorite!

And now you can watch a cooking video on this page to see how easy they are to make.

Hope you love them too!

Update April 2020:  Late last night I saw that April 14th was National Pecan Day and I immediately thought of these bars!

I haven’t made them since the holidays and normally wouldn’t think to make them in April, but they’re made with just 9 ingredients I have in my pantry, and they’re sooooo good, so why not?

Who’s joining me and making  a batch?

Original post…

These New Gluten-Free Pecan Bars are out of this world!

A shortbread-like cookie base topped with the yummiest pecan filling, my taste testers have been going crazy for them!

I made these new this year as an alternative to our pecan pie at Thanksgiving.

We have so many pies are our Thanksgiving and everyone wants to sample them all but not an entire slice if you know what I mean…

So these pecan bars are a perfect way to enjoy just a taste of your pecan pie!

The recipe combines our favorite shortbread cookie base from our Raspberry Crumble Bars with a filling based on crowd-pleasing Pecan Pie to make a real win!

Not only are they super tasty but in a bar form (rather than pie), they are so versatile— equally perfect on a holiday table, weekend party, game day dessert or as anytime treat!

The cookie base has a nice buttery flavor and perfect texture that provides just enough cookie to balance the jammy pecan filling…. and the filling is perfectly caramelized with just the right amount of sweet being balanced the crunch of the pecans.

So, so yummy!

gluten free pecan bars #glutenfree #glutenfreerecipees

And they are super easy to make!

They are made with 9 real, whole food ingredients, ones you probably have in your pantry with the exception of maybe the pecans.

Let’s start with the shortbread cookie base.

It’s just 4 ingredients and comes together quickly.

You’ll need:

gluten-free all purpose flour (we use GF Jules, affiliate link)

cane sugar


 butter or dairy free butter.

gluten free pecan bars

As an aside, you may have noticed that we are affiliate for GFJules.  To learn more about why we love GFJules flour and why we have used it for 10 years, click here.  Bonus: at the bottom of that post is a one-time use affiliate Discount Code.

And importantly, purchasing through an affiliate link does not change your cost at all. It generates a small percentage of the sale for me, and purchasing through an affiliate link helps me fund this website and all the recipes I share, so thank you!

Back to the gluten-free Pecan Bars

This is one of those baking instances where order of operations matters…. mix the dry ingredients, then mix in the butter 1 piece at a time.  Mix well and a dough will form.

Press into a pan and bake for 15 minutes.

gluten free pecan bars #glutenfree #glutenfreerecipees

While it bakes for just 15 minutes, you mix together the pecan filling.

As I mentioned, the filling is based on our amazing pecan pie, recipe from the Wayside Inn.

It’s just 6 ingredients and no corn syrup! (still 9 ingredients from your pantry because butter or dairy free butter is used in both the cookie base and the filling)

You’ll need eggs, maple syrup, brown sugar, vanilla extract, a touch of butter and lots of pecans.

gluten free pecan bars #glutenfree #glutenfreerecipees

And it comes together quickly.

You first beat the eggs until they’re well combined, then add int the maple syrup and brown sugar and beat until the mix is a little frothy.

Add in the vanilla, butter and pecans and you are set!

Pour over the baked cookie base and top with a few whole or crush pecans and bake!

That’s it!

You could top it with extra crushed pecans, like the photo on the left or with whole pecans, like the photo on the right.

I’ve done both and both taste the same. It’s just a matter of preference.

And since you’re going to want to make these more than once, you can switch it up!

Just let the bars cool, slice into square and enjoy!

gluten free pecan bars #glutenfree #glutenfreerecipees

These bars are a fan favorite getting rave reviews from everyone, which makes them perfect dessert for a entertaining or any time!

gluten free pecan bars #glutenfree #glutenfreerecipees

Hope you love them as much as we do!

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gluten free pecan bars #glutenfreerecipes

Scroll down for recipe and leave a comment if you try.


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Gluten-Free Pecan Bars
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
These easy gluten-free Pecan Bars are out of these world! A simple shortbread-like cookie base topped with the yummiest pecan filling. Perfect for the holidays or an anytime treat!
Recipe type: Dessert, Cookies/ Bars, Holidays
Cuisine: Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free optional
Serves: 16 squares
Shortbread Cookie Base
  • 1½ cups gluten-free flour (with xanthan gum) (we used GF Jules, affiliate link)
  • ⅓ cup cane sugar
  • ¼ teaspoon salt
  • 8 tablespoons butter or dairy free butter, softened, cut into tablespoons
Pecan Filling
  • 2 eggs
  • ⅔ cup maple syrup
  • ⅔ cup brown sugar
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • 1⅓ tablespoons butter, softened
  • 1⅓ cups pecans, broken pieces (plus whole pecans or crushed pecans for the top -- optional but recommended)
Make Shortbread Cookie Base
  1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees F
  2. Line 8 inch square baking pan with parchment paper such that the paper hangs over the edges OR is tucked in in such a way that you can lift the paper right out of the pan when the bars are done.
  3. Using a stand mixer or hand mixer, add flour, cane sugar and salt to a large mixing bowl and on low speed combine for about 5 seconds.
  4. Add butter, 1 piece at a time and continue mixing until a dough forms and pulls away from the sides of the bowl, about 2-3 minutes.
  5. Using your hands, press the remaining dough into an even layer in the prepared baking pan.
  6. Bake 14-16 minutes or until set, edges may start to brown.
  7. After cookie base is baked, reduce oven to 325 degrees F
Make filling
  1. In a large bowl, beat eggs well using an electric mixer.
  2. Add maple syrup and brown sugar, beat until well combined and a little frothy.
  3. Add the last three ingredients (vanilla, butter, pecans) and mix until well combined.
  4. Pour on top of cooked cookie base.
  5. Add a few extra whole or crushed pecans to the top of the pie in any design or random pattern you like.
  6. Bake (at 325 degrees F) for 45 minutes, checking at 35 minutes to make sure pecans not burning. If pecan's are starting to brown too much, cover with foil for the last 10 minutes.
  7. Let Cool. Remove from pan and slice into squares. Serve and enjoy!
  8. Stays well in the refrigerator for up to a week.


gluten free pecan bars #glutenfree #glutenfreerecipees

19 thoughts on “Gluten-Free Pecan Bars

  1. I just made these and are they ever delicious! I used regular flour because nobody in our home is celiac or sensitive to gluten. I also made a small serving without pecans for my child that’s allergic to nuts. Thank you for sharing this recipe, I will be making this regularly.

  2. I made these pecan bars to bring Thanksgiving dinner. They were a huge hit with every one! Thanks for the delicious (and simple) recipe!

  3. These pecan bars are fantastic. After years of a restricted diet it’s the best gift to stumble on such a delicious recipe in such an incredible blog.

    I made mine dairy, egg, gluten free, refined sugar free. The crust was not as fluffy as pictured but it didn’t make any difference. Even my “give me all the gluten and sugar and dairy” brother loved them at Thanksgiving.

    Karen … you are genius.
    Merry Christmas

  4. These bars are awesome! I substituted regular white sugar for the cane sugar and used Namaste gf flour (at Sobeys in Canada). The dough did take a few minutes to form but be patient as it will start to clump up in little balls and start pulling from the bowl.

    Male sure the butter is soft enough too as I had to microwave the filling mosture briefly to get the butter to incorporate better!

    Worked beautifully and so easy to cut and freeze!

  5. I made these today & wow oh wow were they delicious. I substituted the sugar for coconut sugar, and next time I want to try and substitute the flour for almond flour. They are so easy to make, they’ll have the whole house smelling good in minutes.

  6. How much is 1 ⅓ T butter? How do you measure that? Or, do you weigh it?
    I am dying to try this one. will it matter if I use more or less butter estimating that amount?

  7. Made these for thanksgiving instead of a pecan pie since my daughter is gluten free. She cut into them right away. They were excellent. Thanks for the recipe. Everyone loved them and no one could tell they were gluten free!

  8. I’ve been gluten/soy free for over 10 years now due to allergies. Let me tell you, making this dessert…. WOW!!! Very easy to make and what a crowd pleaser! It was perfect for our thanksgiving dessert. Can’t begin to thank you enough. One of many recipes we have tried of yours and are now household staples!

  9. Made these for thanksgiving and omg seriously best dessert ever. My gf husband was so beyond happy and none of us could resist!! Thanks for sharing this awesome recipe

  10. What can be subbed for the maple syrup? Anything? Believe it or not, my husband is not really a fan. He’s getting pickier in his old age! Thank you.

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