Grilled Apricot and Tomato Toast

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grilled apricot and tomato toast
Grilled Apricot and Tomato Toast

Sounds fancy, super easy!

This recipe was from my first Toasting Tuesday. I came a bit late to the toast bandwagon, but learned to embrace it. Now I spend time thinking up toppings my son will enjoy. The toppings totally make toast fun, delicious and these make a perfect, easy breakfast, lunch or healthy snack!

The recipe sounds fancy but was super easy and quick to make on the stove with my grill pan. The best combination of flavors — it was SO DELICIOUS!

Scroll down to see the recipe.


This recipe was adapted from Food and Wine. It’s part skim ricotta, spread on grilled bread (I use Canyon Gluten Free bread), topped with grilled apricots, cherry tomatoes. Tossed with EVOO and sherry vinegar and fresh tarragon.


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