Hello Triple Chocolate Chunk Cookie!

Warm, gooey and beyond yummy!

chocolate chip cookie
Hello Triple Chocolate Chunk Cookie!

A fun day in the city

ended with a visit to the Whitney Museum of American Art and this amazing cookie from Untitled at the Whitney.   We had tried the gluten-free chocolate chip cookies at Untitled a year ago and couldn’t resist stopping by again as they are seriously delicious!  This time though we had with us our Nima Sensor, a portable gluten-testing device.  We told the manager that we wanted to purchase a cookie or 2 to-go but asked if we could first test the cookie with them at the restaurant.   All the staff and chefs at Untitled were amazing.   My son and I sat at the counter and chatted with the chefs as they cooked and we all waited for the Nima sensor to complete. We spoke about gluten-free food and the chefs told us how they have many options on their menu and are always happy to make accommodations because they want everyone to be able to enjoy a delicious meal.  In the meantime, the Nima showed a smiley face — gluten-free!  All the chefs, staff and most especially my son were thrilled!  We can’t wait to go back one day soon for lunch or dinner.


Cookie made by Untitled at The Whitney

Gluten tested using the Nima Sensor

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