Herbed No Mayo Red Potato Salad

This super easy potato salad will make a perfect side dish all summer long

Herbed No Mayo Red Potato Salad

Fresh tasting and Delish!

I’ve always hated making potato salads… the potatoes always turned out too mushy or crunchy. But this simple recipe from Cookie and Kate changed that! I’ve made it twice and both times, the potatoes came out perfect in no time!

Then the dressing is another story entirely!  But this creamy, no mayo dressing is dreamy.  The potatoes are tossed with a fresh and flavorful herbed dressing made with parsley, olive oil, green onions, lemon juice and Dijon. And it’s super quick because it’s blended in a food processor while the potatoes cook.

Add in some celery for crunch and it was a super simple and delicious side.

Scroll down for recipe. 


Click here for the recipe from Cookie and Kate.  NOTES: I used Baby red potatoes, cut in half before cooking.  One time, I added a handful of cilantro to the dressing which tasted great too.

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