Holiday Cookies

Nothing says holidays more than a day of cookie baking

Holiday Cookies

Family Favorites adapted to be Gluten-Free

Today was Annual Cookie Baking Day with longtime friends and family.  Cookie Baking Day has been tradition since I was a kid, and the crew today included 6 kids who have been baking together since they were babies.  8 years ago, two of them were diagnosed with celiac disease and we have been making the cookies gluten-free ever since.

They are all family recipes we’ve been making forever — and each has a story. The original recipes are classic butter & sugar but they all adapt well to be dairy-free, and many are easily made vegan too. And now we make them all gluten-free!

We make Classic Butter Cookies, Hidden Kiss Cookies, Walnut Acorn Cookies, Cinnamon Snowballs, Thumbprint Cookies, Viennese CrescentsRugelach and more! All are made with GF Jules all-purpose gluten-free flour.(Affiliate link)

Each of us has a favorite but they are all SO YUMMY!

Scroll down for recipes.

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