Meatless Monday Fiesta Style

Mexican Chopped Salad and Mexican Vegan Falafel Bites... Dinner for today + leftovers for tomorrow lunch

Meatless Monday Fiesta Style

Simple, Flavorful & Nourishing

It was a back-to-reality Monday after being away for 2 weeks and I needed an easy dinner that would work for today and give me leftovers for tomorrow.  This combo couldn’t be better!

Mexican Chopped Salad, recipe fromThe Crunchy Radish, and Mexican Vegan Falafel Bites, recipe from Cotter Crunch.

This was my first time making this salad and it’s a keeper.  Yes, I know, I make a lot of Mexican salads… but with this one I fell in love with the easy pickled onions (i.e. 10 minutes) and creamy cashew-lime-cilantro dressing which I have made before and can’t get enough of.  The of the salad has the usual suspects with Romaine, Black beans, Cucumber, Radish, Pepper, Avocado, Scallions and Cilantro.  You could honestly add any number of veggies to this or omit something and it would still be yummy… to me it was about the dressing and the pickled onions (which we already know I have a thing for)

The Mexican Falafel Bites are on repeat in our house.  We’ve made them several times because my husband and I both love them.  The recipe is nearly grain-free using just 2 tbsp of gluten-free flour and a base of broccoli/ cauliflower rice, and the falafels are flavored with jalapeño, cumin, cilantro.  They are particularly good with the Cashew-Lime Dressing from the salad.

The boys aren’t big fans of falafels so we made a batch of grilled shrimp for the boys which actually worked really well with the salad.  Grilled Chicken would work equally well.

Scroll down for recipes.

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