Nima goes to Hawaii

How we loved having the Nima with us on vacation

Nima goes to Hawaii

A great tool in the toolbox!

Happy Fry-YAY! I’ve never been so happy for the weekend!

A week ago today I was sitting at a beach front restaurant in Hawaii, a Nima in hand, enjoying the view, the quiet and the gluten-free food.   We arrived home late last Saturday, dove straight into the week and with the jet lag and all, I can’t wait to sleep in tomorrow!

But back to my vacation… one of the best parts of an already great vacation is that my son never got gluten-ed! And we traveled in 2 states, through 5 airports and ate every meal out for 10 days! As anyone on a restricted diet knows, that could be a minefield and could be stressful. We were so happy to be taking this trip with the Nima in hand.

Nima is a portable gluten-testing device and for us it acted as an extra tool in our decision-making toolbox. We found California and Hawaii to be incredibly easy places to dine out gluten-free as most restaurants understood celiac and cross contamination, but there were times we were uneasy after our usual questioning and having Nima to test our food reassured us.

You can read more about our experience traveling with Nima on my NEW blog post Nima Goes to Hawaii!

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Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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