Nothing Better than fresh BERRIES

And no better way to celebrate Food Revolution Day

Nothing Better than fresh BERRIES

Healthy, Delicious & Naturally Gluten-free!

We are BERRY excited to be celebrating Food Revolution Day with other food bloggers around the world!

We are the Healthy Gluten-free Family because my youngest son has celiac disease and adheres to a strict gluten-free diet.  People often say they could never live without their favorite bread or pizza or the like but instead of focusing on what he can’t eat, we choose to focus on what he CAN eat…. and that is real, whole foods which are naturally gluten-free.

Sure we enjoy gluten-free versions of bread, pasta or treats but what he likes best and always opts for is naturally gluten-free, real, whole foods: fruits, vegetables, organic meat and dairy.  He is my child who likes to eat cucumbers or kale straight from the garden, and chooses a bowl of berries for dessert every time (well, unless there’s warm chocolate flourless cake involved…).

So for us, thus far, The Food Revolution is focused on nutrition and cooking. It’s about understanding ingredients & nutrition to keep all of us healthy and feeling our best.  And it is about making cooking part of our routine.  To maintain a 100% gluten-free diet for my son, we find it easier to cook ourselves.  We focus on cooking simple, nutritious foods, ideally with locally sourced ingredients and whole foods, ones from our own garden or the farmers market.

And every morning, my son enjoys fresh fruit as part of his breakfast.  I literally have to ask for some fruit, or he’ll eat this entire bowl by himself!

What does The Food Revolution mean to you?


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