Potato Fries with Three Dipping Sauces

No better way to celebrate FRY-day and kick off the weekend!

potato fries with dipping sauces
Potato Fries with Three Dipping Sauces

Nothing better than this!

For Christmas the boys gave me a deep fryer…  clever boys, right? They have been asking me to give it a try so today we made french fries in our very own dedicated gluten-free fryer. What a treat! These fries were the real deal… crisp on the outside, potato on the inside and not greasy at all!

We served them three dipping sauces: guacamole, Sriracha mayo, and classic ketchup.  Which one would you choose?

Scroll down to see the recipe.


We used a Cuisanart Compact Deep Fryer and organic canola oil

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