Rainbow Fruit Kebabs Platter

Fruit Kebabs are one of the most festive ways to serve fruit in the Summer and they are surprisingly easy to make!

Rainbow Fruit Kebabs Platter

Fresh, fun & delicious!

At any summer gathering — barbecue, picnic, beach — there is nothing better than fresh fruit!

It is refreshing, hydrating, and beyond tasty because everything is in season and so bursting with flavor!

In our family, if the fruit is fresh, we could throw it in a bowl and it will disappear but it is super fun to serve it as fruit kebabs.

And fruit kebabs are the best for a party or entertaining of any kind because they are so fun and look impressive but are actually easy to make.

Last year, I started out making fruit kebabs for a Father’s Day barbecue but I purchased too much fruit so I decided to serve them on a big platter and throw the rest of the fruit right onto the same platter.


Fruit skewers or kebabs are also a fun way to make an every day dessert feel special.

They look impressive but are actually quite easy to make… if you’re going to cut the fruit to serve in a bowl anyway, it doesn’t take much longer to put it on skewers.

The key is to cut the melon into bite size pieces so the it is easy to eat straight off the skewers and to cut them in similar sizes.

Once cut, you just slide them on the skewers in a pattern if you like and place some berries on the end to hold them in place and “book end” them.

Making fruit Kebabs is also a great way to involve kids in preparing food because they can slide the fruit onto the skewers — there is really no right or wrong way to do it.

So go ahead an enjoy the best of Summer fruit and have a little fun serving it!

Scroll down for tips on how to assemble.


To make Fruit Kebabs:

Cut assorted melons into bite size pieces, as close to the same size as possible.

Place the cut pieces on skewers following a pattern and book end the skewers with berries.

We used Cantaloupe, Watermelon, Honeydew, pineapple, strawberries, blueberries and grapes.






2 thoughts on “Rainbow Fruit Kebabs Platter

  1. I made this exactly as is for Memorial Day. For Father’s Day I added chunks of kiwifruit fruit to skewers. On base of the skewers, in the platter, I added fresh red grapes, papaya and raspberries and blackberries. Everyone thought I spend hours preparing such an elegant masterpiece!!! Next time I’ll marinate fruit overnight in sangria. Yummy!!! ? a definite 10 Star dessert!!!

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