How to Make Rainbow Fruit Kebabs

Fruit Kebabs are a fun and festive way to serve fruit, especially in the Summer. They look impressive but are surprisingly easy to make!

– Grapes – Strawberries – Blueberries – Pineapple – Honeydew


"Everyone thought I spend hours preparing such an elegant masterpiece!!! Next time I’ll marinate fruit overnight in sangria. Yummy!!! ? a definite 10 Star dessert!!!"


Cut the melon and any other fruit that requires cutting, into bite size pieces so the it is easy to eat straight off the skewers.

Try to cut them in similar sizes.

Set aside each fruit in separate bowls or on a baking sheet, whatever works easiest for you!

Slide the cut fruit on the skewers in a pattern if you like and place some berries or apple on the end to hold them in place and “book end” them.

Perfect for entertaining or for simply making an everyday dessert feel special!

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