How to plant a Patio Vegetable Garden

Spring is one of my favorite times of year for so many reasons, but especially because we plant our patio garden!

We’ve been planting a patio garden for 12 years and it is the most inspiring experience!

Planning and Prepping!

Late April/ Early May: Now is the time to be planning your garden and preparing for it.

If you’ve never grown a garden, think about what you like and what you think you’ll use. And think about where you’ll be placing your pots/ the type of sunlight the area gets.

We planted green and red lettuce, Swiss chard, kale, rosemary and curly parsley, all things we have successfully grown in the past.

Planting our hardy greens!

We plant seedlings, which are small plants with a little soil and root structure, and we plant them so that they are just covered with soil.

Then we water each of the planted seedlings with a mix of water and a little miracle grown (about one scoop per gallon and 1/2 watering can, but read the directions on the box).

Also, you may notice we did not over crowded the planters because they will expand and grow big, soon enough!

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