Warm 7 Layer Mexican Dip

An easy and unbelievably delicious, gluten-free vegetarian appetizer that will be a win at any gathering!

- canned black beans - canned refried beans - taco seasoning - avocado - shredded cheese - sour cream


Perfect for Game Day, entertaining or a fun night in, it's indulgent-tasting but packed with goodness -- a total crowd pleaser!

Cut the tomatoes and let them sit in a strainer sprinkled with salt so that they release their water.

Prepare the layers starting with the first layer which is a mix of  refried beans, black beans and taco seasoning.

Make the guacamole layer. It’s essentially our Best Ever Guacamole and is a mix of avocado, cilantro and jarred pepperoncini (aka banana peppers).

After this is comes together really quickly. Add a layer of sour cream.

Then top with black olives, then tomatoes. Top with cheese and bake for 20 minutes! That’s it!

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Hi! It’s me, Karen, the mom in our Healthy Gluten-Free Family! A mom of a celiac child and cooking gluten-free food & developing recipes for nearly 14 years.